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Good manufacturing practices or GMP certification is the best certification for a company that is involved in manufacturing of pharmaceutical or food products. The certification helps in ensuring maintenance of the best level of hygiene and quality of the products which further helps in increasing the confidence of customers in the quality of the products.

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The GMP is a set of guidelines and instructions that must be adopted by a company that is involved in the manufacturing and processing of food products as well as pharmaceutical products. GMPs are developed by the food and drug administration for all the food products except poultry, meat and egg products. The regulatory authorities keep a regular check on the quality of products and the implementation of the GMP guidelines for the better quality assurance of the food products.

Adopting the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Processes ensures the best integrity of the manufacturing process and also helps in ensuring the products are in compliance with the food safety regulations. Assuring the best quality of food products is one of the first priorities of the manufacturers to the customers.

The GMP is one of the best additions to the food safety management system as it gives the instructions about how one can keep the manufacturing premises clean and hygienic.  When a business is GMP certified then it boosts the confidence of the customers in to the quality of the products as the GMP certification signifies the commitment of the company towards better quality of the products. The GMP is a the foundation for many companies on which they implement all other safety management systems related to food safety such as HACCP, SCF and ISO 9001, ISO 22000 etc. The GMP certification is a proof that in that particular company all the safety precautions and regulations are being followed that are necessary for prevention of any hazards related to food products.

Getting the company certified for GMP can be a good way to give the regulatory a confidence that the manufacturing processes used in the company are completely hygienic. The certification also helps in enhancing the knowledge while ensuring the business of the best quality and safest food products.  

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When a person needs medication for any ailments, there are very few chances that he will be able to detect any flaws in the medicines. He puts all of his trust in the doctor and the pharmacist that has dispensed the medicine. In turn the doctor and the pharmacist put their trust in the manufacturers believing that the manufacturer has used the best manufacturing processes to provide the best quality of medicines. IT is not possible to ensure the best quality of the medicines by performing the sample testing as many medicines are done in a batch of one product such as blood products and it is not possible to test each and every piece of the medicine for all the quality flaws. This is where GMP becomes very important. The GMP ensures that the manufacturing processes used for manufacturing of the medicines are able to maintain the best level of hygiene and are best for human consumption. GMP emphasizes that there must be written instructions available for each and every process that is involved in the manufacturing of the medicines and these instructions must be strictly followed. The GMP covers all aspects of the manufacturing from the process to the ingredients, composition, quality, potency, purity and so forth.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a term that is recognized worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing, testing and overall quality control of food and pharmaceutical products. GMP takes quality assurance approach, which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards .

Fundamental rules of GMP to be followed

1.    Every instruction should be available in written before starting that particular task.
2.    Untrained staff should not carry out a particular task unless there is someone trained available to perform that task.
3.    Never forget to follow the instructions word by word. No corners should be cut.
4.  The equipments and materials used for manufacturing must be checked thoroughly and precisely on regular intervals.
5.    Equipments used must be clean.
6.    Everything must be kept clean and tidy.
7.    Keep a check on the mistakes and defects.
8.    Clear and accurate records of the manufacturing processes must be maintained.

GMP guidelines do not prescribe any particular way to manufacture a product. There can be many ways, in which a company may satisfy the requirements for GMP certification. The GMP guidelines are just guidelines on what are the requirements for better quality assurance of the products when being manufactured in the company.
There are many aspect covered by the GMP certification process such as the manufacturing premises, the purification systems used for air and water, the process of handling the goods and raw materials, the operation involved, cleaning of the equipments etc. These guidelines help the manufacturers to take the best manufacturing decision and this also helps us to have better confidence in the quality of the products delivered to us. The control protocols provided in the GMP guidelines helps in controlling the quality of the products manufactured in each batch.

A GMP certificate is provided to the company when the manufacturing facility of the company has been properly audited by the relevant authorities and is found to be satisfactory according to the guidelines of the GMP certification. A GMP certificate is normally valid for three consecutive years and after that the certificate is renewed followed by proper audit of the facility and the system.

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