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A brief history of GMP Certification

GMP certification is a very important and essential certification for all the companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of the food as well as Pharmaceutical products. The GMP certification helps the manufacturers in adopting the best manufacturing practices that ensnare the best quality of products delivered to the consumers. This is not only helpful in decreasing the quality flaws in the products but the certification provides a set of guidelines that helps the manufacturers in ensuring the best handling and management of each and every aspect of the manufacturing process such as handling of raw materials, commencing the manufacturing process, handling of the products, distribution of the products and so forth.

With the help of GMP certification, the companies can ensure that the products they are delivering to the consumers are manufactured under the best supervision and the best quality of the materials and ingredients is used with right potency which gives the best benefits to the company.  In addition to ensuring the best quality of the products, GMP certification also helps in minimizing the losses of the company by ensuring the least amount of rejection of products due to quality flaws. It also ensures the least wastage of the raw materials due to the presence of an efficient system for efficient handling of the products as well as raw materials.

A company is granted a certificate for GMP after the manufacturing facility of the company is thoroughly checked and audited by the relevant assessment authorities and if everything is found to be in order as its required to be, then the certifying bodies grant a GMP certificate to the company that is valid for three years. Every year there is an annual audit that evaluates the proper working of the system implemented after the certification for GMP. The system is reviewed for its regular and continual improvement.

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